Without a thorough understanding of the client’s affairs, legal advice will not produce the desired results. If counsel is to be successful, a detailed analysis of existing ideas and available resources is required. Our role here is to provide constructive criticism and advice throughout the course of business development: we query and verify any factual assumptions that are made, and if we have serious reservations we may even advise against implementing a specific project already planned.

As a law firm that focuses on commercial law, we use our specialist expertise not only for drawing up, reviewing and further developing business plans and business strategies, but also for assisting our clients with acquisition financing and project funding, thus ensuring that growth will continue and business activities will expand.

We accompany M&A transactions, assist with proactive succession planning, and help to avoid or where necessary mediate in disputes amongst shareholders. The interdisciplinary advice we offer also covers issues relating to technology transfer, patent protection, and cooperation with academic institutions and other strategic partners.