Together with external colleagues and other advisors who cooperate with our law firm, we contribute towards rescuing and financially restructuring businesses facing insolvency. Working as a team, we help to prepare continuation forecasts and we support the management during negotiations on the necessary moves. We advise partners and shareholders on pending equity changes, financial restructuring measures and spinning off parts of the business. In times of financial crisis in particular, the existing management’s decisions are frequently influenced both by its previous actions and by its on-going responsibilities. An unbiased, impartial and objective view from without of the problems that have arisen and how to solve them is indispensable if a financial crisis is to be overcome quickly and professionally, and thus more often than not for ensuring the continuation of the business. With support from the team of advisors, concepts that have been worked out and measures that have been adopted have to be strictly implemented by the management, both promptly and in compliance with the insolvency plan – something which has to be ensured in individual cases by temporarily assuming tasks at managerial level.